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Report On World Poetry Day

On 21st March,2017,The World Poetry Day was celebrated in our El-Bethel College.On this occassion our respected Secretary Sir,Principal Madam and our respected teachers were present to grace our brief programme.To celebrate this day Literary Club prepared a Wall Magazine containing different forms of poetry such as Epic,Sonnet,Couplet,Ode,Dramatic Monologue,Lyric,Limmerick and Modern poetry.In this Wall Mgazine each form was displayed from different poet’s viewpoint.These various point of views were presented by individual student of Literary Club through a brief presentation on each form of poetry.In a specific serial manner each form was richly illustrated.The illustration unfolded as—

  • Epic by Marufa Khatun (in Bengali) and Rumi Naskar (in English).
  • Sonnet by Rakhi Das (in Bengali) and Anindita Jana (in English).
  • Couplet by Amrita Sammadar (in Bengali) and Gargi Biswas (in English).
  • Ode by Arpita Deshmukh (in Bengali) and Sneha Sharma (in English).
  • Dramatic Monologue by Dipanjana Banerjee (in bengali) and Ria Dutta (in English).
  • Lyrics by Sangeeta Bar (in Bengali) and Sushoma Sardar (in English)..
  • Limmerick by Susmita Saha
  • Modern Poetry by Madhumita khan (in Bengali) and Bidisha Bala (in English).

The Wall Magazine was adorned by colourful kite shaped paper pockets into which various quotations taken from various works of poets were written with touch of creativity along with memoirs of their work.The programme was highly cherished and enjoyed by all.Thus the programme ended with the taste of joy and success.

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