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Admission to the school hostel is open to girls and boys of class I and above , but keeping the children in the hostel depends on the sole discretion of the parents / guardians , i.e. it is the result of an absolutely free decision of the parents / guardians . Before admitting their wards the parents / guardians must go thoroughly through the rules and regulations governing the hostellers and express their explicit agreement to abide by these rules .


  1. At the time of admission they can go around the school premises to take a look at the class rooms , hostel etc. ( Only before the commencement of the session )
  2. On every subsequent visit to their wards , the parents / guardians are not allowed to visit the dormitory . They will wait in the visitor’s room for their wards to come .
  3. Hostellers are allowed to go home twice in a year i.e. during the summer and puja holidays and these holidays are compulsory . However , in case of an emergency arising , they may be allowed to go home with the special permission of the Principal of the school . 
    4. After the two long vacations and at the beginning of a new session, the hostellers are expected to return and report to the hostel superintendent in the previous evening .
  4. If the hostellers report late , i.e. if they are late to attend the school assembly in the morning , a fine of Rs. 100 ( daily ) can be imposed on them .
  5. The hostel fee can be paid yearly , half yearly , quarterly or on a monthly basis as per the convenience of the guardians . However , outstation guardians are advised to make at least quarterly payments .
  6. Wearing of jewellery is strictly forbidden in the school / hostel premises and if any one overrides this rule , will be doing so at personal risk . The school will not take any responsibility for any untoward consequences .
  7. Parents / Guardians can make weekly phone calls to their wards as per the following schedule :
    (i) Guardians Of Students Of classes IX , XI & XII : Every Wednesday from 4 p.m to 5 p.m.

    (ii) Guardians Of Students Of classes VII , VIII & X : Every Thursday from  4 p.m to 5 p.m.

    (ii) Guardians Of Students Of classes V & VI : Every Friday from 4 p.m to 5 p.m.

    (ii) Guardians Of Students Of classes Nursery to IV  : Every Satarday from 4 p.m to 5 p.m.

    Phone No. : (033) 2498-0323 / 2498-0346/3201-7988
    Mobile No. : 9836844376 / 8420798686 / 8697266199
  8. Students will not be allowed to keep personal mobile phones in their custody . So parents are advised not to leave any mobile phones with their wards .
  9. Parents / Guardians have the opportunity to meet their wards and spend time with them on every alternative Sunday ( except 5th Sunday ) between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. Guardians are requested to ensure that they do not bring any item of cooked food . They can give any nuts or dried food items to them .
  10. Outstation parents / guardians can avail of the hostel guest house accommodation for a nominal amount .
  11. The hostel students are all the time encouraged and taught to speak in English and they are expected to follow this strictly .
  12. Hostellers are advised not to keep any money in their custody . Despite this if some children do keep money and lose it , the hostel authority will not entertain any complaints .
  13. The school pays special emphasis in inducting discipline and good manners and disciplined behaviour is expected from the hostellers . Even after repeated corrections and warnings , if a particular hosteller’s conduct is found to be injurious to the discipline and moral life of others , he / she will be dismissed / suspended from the hostel .
  14. Hostellers should take care of not only their belongings but also the hostel property . Any damage or destruction of the hostel property by a hosteller can invite fine / replacement etc. as the authority may deem fit . Deduction will be made from the caution money deposited .
  15. The hostel will provide mattress , pillow , sheets , covers , blankets etc . All the above items except mattress and pillow can be replaced at the expense of those who need them .
  16. Before leaving the hostel / school premises for vacation  the hostellers must obtain gate pass from the hostel superintendent . For going home on leave from the school the gate pass must be obtained from the Principal of the school and then inform the hostel superintendent before leaving .
  17. Hostellers will be taken out for excursions , picnics etc. from the school as well as from the hostel . Expenses incurred for the trips will have to be borne by the respective hosteller’s guardians .
  18. Hostellers can buy stationery items , toiletries etc. on credit from the school stationery store only if the parents / guardians have an understanding with the school / hostel authority that the bills for such expenses would be cleared by them at the time of paying the school / hostel fee.
  19. Any guardian other than the parents may visit the hostellers but with explicit written permission from the parents and with the ID card of the hosteller whom they wish to visit .
  20. As a rule Hostellers are not sent home on their B’days. However they are free to celebrate in the hostel . Guardians can come on that day . Before the celebration please consult the Principal about your intended mode of celebration .
  21. Hostellers can give their uniforms, bed sheet, bed cover , and pillow case for washing without any additional pay . Children of class V and above should wash their undergarments and socks on their own . Other clothes / dresses for washing will be charged a monthly amount of Rs. 100 ( Class I & above ) .
  22. All the hostellers should be provided with personal comb , 3 towels , shoe brush & polish , whitener , toothpaste , soap , oil , nail cutter , oil cloth ( size : 3’ X 5’ ) for Nursery to Class V , steel fork and spoon ( name engraved ) for class VI and above . Borrowing / sharing is strictly forbidden .
  23. Caution money is refundable only with T.C. , or when one cease to be a boarder or when there are no damage charges against the boarder .
  24. Parents / Guardians willing to withdraw boarders during running session will have to pay the full amount of the remaining session . Before ceasing to be a boarder ‘ NO DUES ’ slips from school , library and hostel has to be collected .
  25. Hostel Charges or Other Charges once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances .
  26. Parents / Guardians failing to pay the hostel charges by the 15th of the current month will have to pay a late fine of Rs. 50 till the end of the current month . Thereafter a fine of Rs. 10 everyday will be fined .
  27. Parents / Guardians who want to take their ward home have to submit application in the school office at least 2 days in advance . Accepting the application is entirely the discretion of the Principal .
  28. Parents / Guardians are requested to be prompt in paying the medical bills of their wards so that the school can provide with immediate medical assistance as and when required .
  29. Please pay the fees of the hostellers before 15th of every month . Guardians who fail to clear the fees for three continuous months will be asked to withdraw their wards from the hostel .
  30. All the belongings of the boarders must have their names and class clearly marked on them .
  31. All boy boarders will have crew cut hair during their stay in the hostel and when they return after the vacations .
  32. The Principal of the school will be available in his / her office on the 1st and 4th Sunday of the month if the guardians wish to discuss academic matters of their wards .
  33. Conclusion :

    The school and hostel authority will do its utmost to guide and educate the children the best way possible with the help of the guardians . Your support and co – operation will encourage us to do our best for your children .



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