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  • icon All admission procedures are organised and conducted by the Principal .
  • icon Admission to Pre – Primary classes are given after an interview with the child and the parents / Guardians .
  • icon Admission to Class I to IX will be given only if the candidates do well in the admission test .
  • icon Admission form will be distributed subject to availability of vacancy in the classes .
  • icon Guardians should fill in the admission form ( if issued ) with utmost accuracy . No subsequent change will be permitted for any reason whatsoever .
  • icon A photocopy of Birth Certificate and 3 (Three) copies of Passport size colour photographs must be submitted with the Admission form.
  • icon Application for admission must be made on the prescribed form and shall be submitted to the school office .
  • icon Transfer Certificate will be required for a student who has previously attended any school .
  • icon Candidates seeking admission into the school must be introduced by their parents or guardians who shall be held responsible for regular attendance , good conduct and fee of their wards .
  • icon The Principal or the Admission Board of the school reserves the right to exercise the direction with regards to acceptance or refusal of application for admission .
  • icon No. of child who has not completed 5.6 years of age will be admitted in class I .
  • icon The father and the mother or legal guardian ( in the absence of the parents ) of the child must attend at the time of admission .
  • icon Medical fitness form has to be filled up mandatorily .


  • icon Fill up a separate form and get it approved by the principal before admission is taken .
  • icon Undertaking to abide by the rules and regulations of both school and hostel .


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School Hours

Pre Primary
Monday – Friday:
8.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon
Class I - XII
Monday – Friday :
7.30 a.m. to 1.10 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: day off