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  • icon Besides UNIT tests (UNIT I & UNIT II ) two Terminal Examinations are scheduled to be held in the month of September and February .
  • icon In each term , unit tests for English I & II , 2nd Language , Mathematics , Science ( Physics , Chemistry & Biology ) , History & Geography , Computer will be held and these tests will be of 20 marks each .
  • icon The Terminal examination for the above subjects will be of 80 marks each . Unit test marks will be added to make it 100 marks each subject .


  • icon Promotion to the next class will be based on Annual Examination in particular and the whole year’s performance .
  • icon Entire academic year’s performance will be based on –
  • 1. Nursery to class II – Daily performance in class and through weekly assessment work sheets .
  • 2.Class III to IX & XI – Daily performance in class and aggregate 40% in the annual examination. Compulsory pass in English , Maths , 2nd Language and one other subject .
  • icon For all classes – A minimum attendance of 80% in the whole academic year is mandatory for rank and promotion . A student securing rank without 80% attendance will be bereft of promotion .
  • icon Pupils who repeat the class for two consecutive years may be asked to withdraw .
  • icon Students repeating the class will forfeit the fees concession if any .
  • icon If a student is absent for any subject no rank will be given in spite of obtaining good marks in other subjects .
  • icon The decision of the Promotion Committee headed by the Secretary , is final and binding . Therefore , any approach with unreasonable request for promotion will not be entertained .


  • icon The Secretary / Principal reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason .
  • icon School begins with the morning assembly and students must be on time for it .
  • icon The students should respect every teacher . They should show their teachers those external signs of reverence to which they are entitled , such as greeting them , stand up when they pass by or enter the class .
  • icon During class hours the conduct of the students should be such that there will be conducive atmosphere for study as desired by respective teachers .
  • icon Boys and girls should look upon their school mates as brothers and sisters .
  • icon They should never make fun of those who are weak in studies or not so quick in grasping their lessons . Learn to be sympathetic towards physically challenged persons .
  • icon Respect should also be given to non – teaching staff . Arrogant and challenging behaviour towards teaching / non teaching staff is not desired .
  • icon School is second home . Let every one co – operate to keep it clean. So avoid writing anything on the walls , doors , windows etc.
  • icon The chalk – board is a medium to communicate . Students can write on it only with the permission of the teachers .
  • icon Speak well of the school and of every member of this great family .
  • icon Girls should not wear jewellery , mehendi , cosmetics or any costly things .
  • icon Wrist watches are allowed only from class VI onwards .
  • icon Every student should have the identity card issued from the school.
  • icon Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without the permission of the Principal . After school no student is allowed to go home alone unless a letter of authorization comes from the parents / guardians .
  • icon Smoking , chewing pan , betel nut or tobacco etc are strictly forbidden within and outside the school premises . Chewing gum is not allowed in the school premises .
  • icon Any damage to school property must be made good by the student concerned .
  • icon Student should not bring any printed matters other than text books unless asked by the teachers .
  • icon No collection of fines or funds are to be made in the school campus .
  • icon The school will not be responsible for anything happening untoward after the school hours and outside school premises and also during Natural Calamities .
  • icon Identity card must be produced at the departure time .
  • icon Students are not allowed either to make telephone calls or receive a call from outside without the Principal’s permission .
  • icon Any change of address / phone no. should be promptly notified to school .
  • icon Every pupil attending school is obliged to take part in all school activities .
  • icon Without prior appointment no one will be allowed to see the Secretary and / or the Principal .


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