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  • icon Keep the books clean .
  • icon Books are issued for 7 days only .
  • icon A fine of Rs. 2 per day will be charged if books are not returned within due date .
  • icon If the books are lost they have to be replaced physically by the borrower .
  • icon A fine will be charged for any kind of damage to the books .
  • icon Strict silence should be observed by all in and outside the library .
  • icon When taking a book , if any defect is noticed it should be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately .
  • icon No one may take any book from the library before having it entered in the register .
  • icon Books are issued for the use of the borrower only .
  • icon Only one book for light reading may be taken at a time .
  • icon All books must be returned before the beginning of any vacation / holidays . The borrower who fails to return or losses a book becomes liable to a fine FOUR TIMES the value of the book .
  • icon A pupil not paying fine or found guilty of disobedience to the directions of the librarian render himself / herself liable to suspension from the use of library .
  • icon The school library has useful and interesting books in English , Bengali and Hindi as well as on Science , Humanities and Commerce subject . All other books for private reading must be submitted to the in charge for approval .


  • icon Parents retain their rights and duties in the education of their children , even though they delegate them in part to the school . To support and collaboration of parents are in all cases considered indispensable for the success of the work of education carried out by the school .
  • icon Parents / Guardians are requested to co – operate with the school authorities :
    • By urging and encouraging their wards to follow the rules and regulations of the school , to be regular and punctual in attendance and be neat .
    • By checking the School Diary .
    • By making sure that their wards are diligent at their home works and other tasks .
    • By discussing with the Principal / V. Principal / Class Teachers about the progress of their wards .
  • icon Parents / Guardians will not be allowed to meet the teachers during examination days and during the period of evaluation .
  • icon Parents / Guardians are not allowed to meet the teachers or enter the classrooms without the permission of the Principal .
  • icon Parents / Guardians can meet the Class Teachers / Subject Teachers after the school hours with the permission of the Principal.
  • icon School premises is a non smoking area on working days as well as on holidays .
  • icon All communications to the school should be addressed to the Principal .
  • icon Parents / Guardians can meet the Principal / V. Principal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. with appointment .
  • icon Regular Parent – Teacher meetings are conducted to help parents gauge the progress of their child . Kindly attend Parent – Teacher Meetings to discuss only the academic progress / problem and development of the child . Attend promptly to the teachers remarks and encourage your child to develop proper study habits .
  • icon Every 2nd and 4th working Saturdays of each month has been kept regular Parent – Teacher Meetings . Timing 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
  • icon Leave must be entered at the space provided . If leave exceeds 3 days medical certificate should be produced .
  • icon Signing of diary by parents / guardians is mandatory on a daily basis .
  • icon Parents / Guardians coming to fetch the students should come only 10 minutes before dispersal time .
  • icon School calendar should be referred to for planning of holidays in advance .
  • icon Students coming late for morning assembly will not be allowed to attend school for that day if it is not substantiated by the guardian’s note / reason .
  • icon 3 lates in a month will call for the parents / guardian for written undertaking .
  • icon Books , periodicals or newspapers of objectionable nature are prohibited inside school .
  • icon The school will not accept the responsibility for the loss of text books , exercise books , pens , pencils . erasers , sharpeners , money , jewellery or articles of clothing .
  • icon Under no circumstances should parents send any child to school if he / she is unwell or affected by infectious diseases .
  • icon All correspondence from the parents bear the child’s Full Name , Class , Roll No. Section ( if any )


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