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  • icon Fees should be deposited at the school’s fee counter .
  • icon The academic session commences from April 1 and extends to March 31 . The fees cover 12 calendar months . No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods . Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls .
  • icon Three months tuition fees and hostel charges will be paid in advance.
  • icon Fees and other charges once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances .
  • icon All special fees ( of old students ) are to be paid at the beginning of the academic year latest by 30th June ( late fine inclusive ) and no reduction is granted on special fees .
  • icon Quaterly FEES must be paid on or before 10th of each quarter . Payment thereafter during the same month will be accepted with a late fee of Rs. 100/- the fine will be Rs. 100/- for each successive month commulatively till the date of payment .
  • icon Re – admission of the above will depend on the discretion of the Secretary and /or the Principal only .
  • icon School fees or any other charges due will not be accepted by money order / Cheque ( Outstation ) . Cheque will be accepted only within the Kolkata clearing Zone .
  • icon The entire fee is payable at the time of admission .
  • icon If a student joins late in a session he / she will not be entitle to any concession and he / she will be liable to pay the entire fee of the year along with admission charges .
  • icon If a student wishes to discontinue at any time during the year he / she should pay the full fee due for the year .
  • icon Caution money will be refunded on application when a student completes his / her studies in the school or ceases to be a student . It will be refunded on condition that the student has not damaged any physical property of the school / hostel .
  • icon No students will be allowed to sit for the examination unless all fees and fines are paid .
  • icon No exercise – books without school monogram will be allowed to be used for school and home work . Exercise books will be supplied by the school on payment .


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